Make My Day Treatment Intro Offer

Make My Day Treatment Intro Offer

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The new make my day range also includes an exclusive in-salon treatment service: 

The make my day treatment is an intensive nourishing milk mask for super soft hair, ideal for all hair types, it restores the hair's softness and shine. The intensive action of milk proteins nourishes the hair, making it strong and elastic and when mixed with the make my day booster, it strengthens their specific action on the hair. 

The boosted include:
/ strawberry - to regenerate and nourish fine or chemically treated hair
/ blueberry - protects and strengthens colour-treated or lightened hair
/ papaya - hydrates and gives shine to coarse hair


3 x make my day milk mask 6 x 30ml
1 x strawberry booster 6 x 3ml 
1 x blueberry booster 6 x 3ml
1 x papaya booster 6 x 3ml

1 x treatment bowl
1 x treatment brush 

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